COVID-19 (coronavirus) Health and Safety

Health and Safety instructions

Protection concept COVID-19 Airport Hotel Basel AG

Basic rules:

  • All people, guests and Airport Hotel Basel Team members, must wear a mask.

  • All people at the Airport Hotel Basel clean regularly their hands. Avoid touching objects and surfaces as much as possible.

  • Airport Hotel Basel AG ensures that the various groups of guests do not mix.

  • Employees and other people keep a distance of 1.5 meters.

  • Regular cleaning of surfaces and objects after each use, especially if they are touched by several people.

  • People feeling unwell are advised to stay home and are instructed to follow the (self-) isolation according to the BAG.

  • Food and drinks may only be consumed while sitting (only indoors).

  • The contact data of the guests will be collected (only for guests who sit indoors). The recording of contact data is not for marketing purposes but only for contact tracing purposes. Data protection is strict. Data will be kept for 14 days and then it will be destroyed. 

Wearing a face mask

Every person must wear a face mask in public indoor spaces. This does not apply to guests when they are seated at a table. However, when guests are on their way to their table or when they are visiting the toilet, then a face mask should be worn. 

The obligation to war a face mask in publicly accessible indoor areas also applies to staff if there is no effective protection against infection by special protective devices (plastic or glass panes) is ensured.

Wearing a mask does not change any of the other protective measures provided. In particular, the required distance must be maintained whenever possible, even when wearing a mask.

Face masks are respiratory masks, hygiene masks and also textile masks.

Children before their 12th birthday are exempt from wearing a mask, as are people who can prove that for special reasons, particularly medical ones, they cannont wear face masks.  

Hand hygiene

All people in the company clean their hands regularly. Avoid touching objects and surfaces as much as possible.


  • Hand hygiene stations: Guests must wash their hands with soap and water or disinfect them with a hand disinfectant when entering the company.

  • All people in the company wash their hands regularly with soap and water. This is particularly the case before arrival and before and after breaks.

  • Always wash or disinfect your hands before doing the following: set tables, fold napkins and polish cutlery.

  • After clearing the tables, the employees wash or disinfect their hands before touching clean dishes again.

Keep your distance

Employees and other people are 1.5 meters apart.


  • There is no physical contact between guests and staff.

  • There is a distance of 1.5 meters between the groups of guests at the front and side, «shoulder-to-shoulder», and a back-to-back distance of 1.5 meters from table edge to table edge.

  • Airport Hotel Basel AG ensures that waiting guests can keep a minimum distance of 1.5 meters from other guests.

  • Airport Hotel Basel AG has floor markings in waiting areas to ensure that the distance between the guest groups is at least 1.5 meters.

  • There are generally no minimum clearances for guests or staff when they move from one place to another in guest rooms and in the outdoor seating area.

  • Airport Hotel Basel AG ensures that the minimum distance of 1.5 meters in toilet facilities (e.g. by blocking individual urinals), lounge and changing rooms as well as other staff rooms can be maintained.

  • Seating in the company's seminar rooms is at least 1.5 meters apart.


Appropriate, regular cleaning of surfaces and objects after use, especially if they are touched by several people.


  • Surfaces and objects (e.g. work surfaces, keyboards, cash registers, telephones, clothe hangers) are regularly cleaned with a professional cleaning agent or disinfectant, especially when used together.

  • Door handles, lift buttons, banisters, armrests of the chairs, coffee machines, kitchen appliances, and other work materials that are used by several people are regularly cleaned or disinfected - depending on use, but at least once a day. Toilet facilities are cleaned and disinfected after each shift (but at least twice a day). A cleaning protocol is in order.

  • The staff wear gloves when handling waste and dirty laundry. The gloves are disposed of immediately after use and the staff wash their hands thoroughly after handling waste and dirty laundry.

  • Open waste bins are emptied several times a day.

  • Garbage bags are not compressed manually.

  • Work clothes are changed daily and washed with commercially available detergent after use.

  • Airport Hotel Basel AG ensures regular and adequate air exchange in work and guest rooms (e.g. 4 times a day for approx. 10 minutes).

  • Menu cards and trays are cleaned or disinfected after each guest.

  • Cutlery and dishes (even when not in use) should be cleaned in the dishwasher (not by hand). The rinsing processes are carried out at temperatures above 60 ° C.

Collection of contact details

The company records the contact details of the guests (only indoors) so that any infection chains can be tracked.


  • The contact details of the guests must be collected if the required distance is fallen short of more than 15 minutes without protective measures between groups of guests.

  • The following data must be collected: surname, first name, place of residence, telephone number and table number.

  • In the case of families or other groups with people who are known to one another, it is sufficient to enter the contact details of just one person in the family or group concerned.

  • Airport Hotel Basel AG must guarantee the confidentiality of the contact updates when collecting the data and data security, particularly when storing the data. 

  • The contact details will be forwarded to the responsible cantonal office upon request for the purpose of identifying and notifying persons suspected of being infected.

  • The collected contact data will not be processed for any other purpose. The contact details must be kept for up to 14 days after visiting the Airport Hotel Basel and then will be immediately destroyed.

Updated: 07.07.2021