General Terms and Conditions



1. Applicability

These General Terms and Conditions (GTC) apply to all guests of Airport Hotel Basel AG.


2. Room bookings

  • 2.1 Guests can book hotel rooms in advance or when they arrive. Airport Hotel Basel is entitled to permit bookings only with a prior credit card guarantee (providing a credit card as a guarantee, giving the credit card company, the credit card number and the expiration date) and/or advance payment. Whether the desired booking is made shall depend on the availability of the corresponding room category. The Airport Hotel reserves the right to reject a desired booking for good cause in any event.
  • 2.2 For advance bookings, the Airport Hotel shall send the guest a reservation confirmation. Upon arrival the guest shall present his/her reservation booking upon request as evidence of the booking.
  • 2.3 If one guest books multiple hotel rooms for him/herself and/or multiple guests, he/she is liable for the entire bill amount of all the reservations together.
  • 2.4 The guest making a booking is not entitled to any particular hotel room.


3. Services and prices

  • 3.1 All rates include VAT. 
  • 3.2 If the guest desires additional services performed by third parties (e.g., catering, bicycle hire, etc.), the Airport Hotel is entitled, but not obligated, to arrange such services for the guest, purchasing the service from the third party, either in its own name for the account of the guest, or in the name and for the account of the guest. The Airport Hotel is entitled to collect and additional surcharge for arranging such services. The Airport Hotel may charge the guest for third party services either in advance or in the final bill; in either case, the services shall be indicated separately. If the guest does not make use of the booked service, he/she shall be responsible for the full extent of any costs of the booked service, regardless of the reason he/she did not make use of it.
  • 3.3 For advance bookings, all services booked in advance by the guest and all prices follow from the reservation confirmation. Objections to the reservation configuration must be made immediately after receipt of the confirmation; otherwise the reservation confirmation shall be considered as accepted.


4. Payments

  • 4.1 If the Airport Hotel charges an advance payment upon booking, this must be paid in full within 14 days of the date on which the reservation confirmation was sent or according to written agreement. If the required payment is not made by the deadline, the Airport Hotel is automatically entitled to decline the reserved booking unilaterally and charge cancellation costs, usually for one night's accommodation. The annual recurring global trade fairs ART and BASELWORLD are exceptions to this; for these, the entire minimum stay is due as per the order confirmation. The advance payment shall be credited toward the hotel price owed or to any cancellation costs incurred.
  • 4.2 Except for the above-named advance payment, payment for any cancellation costs and any third party services as per section 3.2 is due upon checkout. The outstanding amounts must be paid in full upon checkout in cash or with a credit card accepted by the Airport Hotel.
  • 4.3 The Airport Hotel is automatically entitled to invoke the credit card guarantee in the event of improper or late payments, or if cancellation fees are incurred.
  • 4.4 The Airport Hotel Basel is entitled to charge a deposit of CHF 50,- per night. 


5. Check-in and check-out

  • 5.1 Guests may obtain their hotel room on the day of arrival at any time between 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. (check-in). If check-in has not occurred by 6 p.m. and the guest has not informed the Airport Hotel in advance of his/her later arrival or guaranteed a late arrival with a credit card, the Airport Hotel is automatically entitled to give the room(s) away. If prior notification is given, the Airport Hotel shall hold the booked hotel room(s) for the guest even past 6 p.m. on the arrival day with a prior credit card guarantee (if this was not already provided upon booking). Each guest must sign the official check-in formular upon arrival.
  • 5.2 Guests must vacate the hotel room(s) no later than 12 noon on the departure date and make the outstanding payments as per section 4 by this time (check-out). Late check-out entitles the Airport Hotel to the following: By 2 p.m.: an additional CHF 50.00; by 4 p.m.: an additional CHF 100.00; then the current daily rate for an additional night applied automatically.


6. Cancellations and cancellation fees

  • 6.1 A distinction is made for cancellations between individual and group bookings. All bookings by one guest for from one (1) to five (5) hotel rooms are considered individual bookings. If a guest books more than five (5)  hotel rooms, his/her booking is considered a group booking.
  • 6.2 The guest may cancel individual bookings by 6 p.m. on the day of arrival. In the event of cancellation or failure of the guest to appear without cancellation, the Airport Hotel his entitled to charge the guest cancellation fees for one night (according to the room category booked) per booked hotel room to 100%.
  • 6.3 The following conditions apply to group bookings: - Cancellation no later than 43 days before the booked arrival date: No cancellation fees; - Cancellation 42–30 days before the booked arrival date: 40% of the package price; - Cancellation 29–14 days before the booked arrival date: 80% of the package price; - Cancellation 13 or fewer days before the booked arrival date: no cancellation, 100% of the package price. Receipt of the cancellation by the Airport Hotel is decisive for the calculation of the days.


7. Relocation

  • If, for any reason, the Airport Hotel, contrary to expectations, cannot offer the desired number and/or category of hotel rooms in accordance with the booking made, the Airport Hotel reserves the right to accommodate the customer(s) in a different hotel of a comparable standard in the vicinity. The Airport Hotel shall assume responsibility for any additional and reasonable costs for the comparable accommodation for the first night at its discretion. By accepting this option, the Airport Hotel is considered to have provided alternative fulfilment of all its obligations. Any further obligation or liability of the Airport Hotel is excluded. Accommodation in a different hotel does not release the customer(s) from the obligation to make the payments due to the Airport Hotel.


8. Liability

  • 8.1 The Airport Hotel is not liable to its guests in any way for loss or damage of property, for personnel injury or for any other damage (including purely financial losses) for which the guests are at fault or that are attributable to force majeure.
  • 8.2 Guests with valuables are urged to deposit them in the hotel's safe. Guests shall receive a deposit confirmation for the objects deposited. In the event of fault, the Airport Hotel assumes liability for loss or damage of valuables deposited in this way. If the valuables are not deposited in the hotel's safe, any liability of the Airport Hotel is excluded.
  • 8.3 The Airport Hotel's total liability for items brought in by guests (e.g., suitcases, normal clothing) shall be at most CHF 1,000.00. However, liability of the Airport Hotel is excluded in the absence of fault or in the event of slight negligence of the Airport Hotel, as well as for assistants.
  • 8.4 Liability of the Airport Hotel is excluded for damage and loss of guests' vehicles; this also applies to assistants. The Airport Hotel's liability shall be at most CHF 1,000.00 in any event.
  • 8.5 Any further liability of the Airport Hotel, especially liability for additional services in the sense of section 3.2 and liability for personnel injury or any other damage (especially purely financial losses), is excluded. This also applies to liability of assistants.
  • 8.6 Guests must inform hotel staff of loss or damage immediately after it is discovered; otherwise possible claims against the Airport Hotel can no longer be asserted. This provision applies to all loss and damage.
  • 8.7 The Airport Hotel is not liable for failure to fulfil its contractual obligations properly or promptly if the cause is outside of the Airport Hotel's reasonable control, especially due to war, riots, strikes, natural disasters, fire, storms, power outages or machine failures, or cancellations of services performed by third parties.
  • 8.8 In the event of relocation of guests in the sense of section 7, the customer is aware that the Airport Hotel assumes no liability for loss or damage of property, personal injury or other damage (especially purely financial losses) that is related to the relocation and/or occurs in the other hotel.


9. Right of refusal and right to cancel bookings without notice

  • 9.1 The Airport Hotel expressly reserves the right to deny a guest access to and accommodation in the Airport Hotel in the event that, upon arrival of the guest, hotel staff have reason to suspect that the guest is in an inappropriate state (e.g., due to drugs or alcohol) or if the guest is dressed inappropriately or otherwise behaves inappropriately.
  • 9.2 All hotel rooms may only be used for the agreed purpose (accommodation of hotel guests) exclusively. The Airport Hotel is entitled to cancel the valid booking at any time without notice if this was concluded on the basis of false or misleading information, if the hotel room is used improperly and/or if a guest otherwise behaves unacceptably, for example disturbing the peace or harassing other guests or hotel staff.


10. Applicable law and jurisdiction

  • 10.1 Substantive Swiss law applies exclusively to all bookings and these GTC.
  • 10.2 The place of jurisdiction for all disputes is Basel.